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Photos of Morocco (April 2017)

Images of Marrakesh in Morocco, taken in April 2017.

(This was a business trip, but on one day managed to see some of the sights.)

“Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco (Arabic: al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyah, lit. ‘The Western Kingdom’), is a sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Geographically, Morocco is characterised by a rugged mountainous interior, large tracts of desert, and a lengthy coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has a population of over 33.8 million and an area of 446,550 square km (172,410 square miles).

“Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in the country, after Casablanca, Fez and Tangier. It is the capital city of the mid-southwestern region of Marrakesh-Safi. The region has been inhabited by Berber farmers since Neolithic times, but the actual city was founded in 1062 by Abu Bakr ibn Umar, chieftain and cousin of Almoravid king Yusuf ibn Tashfin.”

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  1. Alex Peyton says:

    Nice pics.

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